Aya Knight


Name Aya Knight   Level 6
Screen Name Lalaith2   Exp. 1450
Race Vampire/Demi-Goddess   Exp. For Next Level 900
Gender Female   Magic Aptitude 13
Alignment Chaotic Neutral   Physical Offense 4d72
Life Pinions 5   HP 375
Current Class Dancer lv.1   Gold Pieces 8,000
JP 8000   Defeated EXP Worth 600
JP For Next Level 1250   Defeated JP Worth 60
Mastered Classes Chaotic Knight   Ability List *Blood Feast
!Dark Rain
*Dance of Adventure
Items Tonic:5
  Guilds/Clans Vain Kingdom
Weapon Name/Class ¤Ivy Nine Tails   Armor Name/Class ¤¹Vanity Moon
¤²Mystic Tiara
¤³Magic Ring
Weapon Properties ¤+5PO   Armor Properties ¤¹+75 HP
¤²+2 PO | +2 MA | +25 HP
¤³+5 MA


Short, light violet tresses framed her face, reduced to nothing but a small bob. Ice hued orbs were timidly ardent. Those dark, luscious lips formed a malicious half a grin. Five digits curved to a fist, malevolent fangs are hungry. Those orbs narrowed, and an eccentric gust swooped her hair up, flailing it around violently. A simple crack of the whip that was formally raveled at her hip transformed it into a sword of which she pointed at her opponent. The soveryn has awakened, and it's time for chaotic intentions.
Born of Lord Sero and the deceased Lady Melina, having died giving birth, Aya grew up as the favorite. She always lived in riches and castles, never once dressed in a peasant's clothes. At 5, she received a gift from her father for her birthday. It was a pegasus which she called Moonlight, after her middle name. Aya and her mother never much got a long, and often exchanged a few adjectives. So, Aya was pretty furious when Lord Sero rezzed Melina at the age of 18. However, Melina proved an unworthy wife as Aya watched, unnoticed, as Sero murdered his wife. This, beyond many others, is a reason why Aya is the way she is today: ruthless, demonic, evil, cruel, harsh. But, to the vacant eye, there is a secret that lies within her condemned soul.. Look for it.

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