Cyril Valusrose


Name Cyril Valusrose   Level 6
Screen Name Cyril Valusrose   Exp. 1450
Race Half Drow, Half Elf   Exp. For Next Level 900
Gender Male   Magic Aptitude 9
Alignment Neutral   Physical Offense 4d75
Life Pinions 5   HP 375
Current Class Ranger   Gold Pieces 5,000
JP 8,000   Defeated EXP Worth 600
JP For Next Level 1,000   Defeated JP Worth 60
Mastered Classes Ninja   Ability List !Two Weapons
~Final Counter
!+1 Init Roll
Items Tonic:5
Golden Chased Flute
  Guilds/Clans Qul'Thalas
Weapon Name/Class ¤Calthiss
  Armor Name/Class ¤¹Eternal Robes
¤²Silver Elven Bracer
Weapon Properties ¤+5 PO | Fire Resist
¤+5 PO | Lightning Resist
  Armor Properties ¤¹+50 HP | +3 MA
¤²+50 HP


The young elven man stands above the normal height of elves at 5'10. His teal eyes and slim face giving him a slightly feminie feature. His long golden hair shimmering down his back and around his slim long ears. His robe's of the highest class in his elven country.
The Guardian of the young prophet. Was born in the deep set of winter in the home of the elves during the great war of control. The young elf lead a slightly diffcult life holding a secret from his family and friends for years. His mother raped and enpreganted by a drow, Cyril deals with the conflict of killing his kind. Raised above all elves to become the King of the homeland of Qul`Thalas. The once prospoures elven city laided in ruins from the battles that once took place, now once again stand firm, during the war Cyril Valusrose became known as a blade master and earned the kidred sword of ancient elven folklure. The sword of honor now serves at his side with his helbrad Balthazar, Cyril married the young and bueatiful lunar Jillian, now he and she raise a lovely daughter Evelyn, in the highest reachs of the Elven kingdom of Qul'Thalas. "Destiny,Chance,Fourtune, and Fate -- all just ways of claiming your successes without claiming your failures" -Cyril Valusrose