Elmdor the Death Knight


Name Elmdor the Death Knight   Level 1
Screen Name XxShadowMaster   Exp. 0
Race Vampire   Exp. For Next Level 100
Gender Male   Magic Aptitude 1
Alignment Chaotic Neutral   Physical Offense 4d43
Life Pinions 5   HP 175
Current Class Necromancer   Gold Pieces 5,000
JP 0   Defeated EXP Worth 100
JP For Next Level 1500   Defeated JP Worth 10
Mastered Classes None   Ability List None
Items Potions:5
  Guilds/Clans Zul'Dar Knigdom, KoA
Weapon Name/Class ¤Dark Fire   Armor Name/Class ¤¹Hells Uprise
Weapon Properties ¤+3 PO   Armor Properties ¤¹+25 HP


<bssound src="elmdor_the_death_knight.mid" loop="infinite">