Elijah the Begotten


Name Elijah the Begotten   Level ???
Screen Name Forsaken Remains   Exp. ???
Race Unknown   Exp. For Next Level ???
Gender Male   Magic Aptitude 30
Alignment Chaotic Evil   Physical Offense 4d175
Life Pinions 5   HP 750
Current Class Summonor   Gold Pieces 5,000
JP ???   Defeated EXP Worth 3 levels
JP For Next Level ???   Defeated JP Worth 10
Mastered Classes Fighter
Magic Knight
Dark Knight
Martial Artist
  Ability List #Charge
!+10% HP Increase
!Last Chance
~+5 PO
!15% HP Increase
!Two Weapons
*Final Counter
!+1 Init Roll
!Mystic Assault
!Magic Armor
!Godly Enhancement
*Dragoon Reborn
*Dragoon Fury
!Dark Blare
#Cleft of Hatred
#Hatred Slash
Black and White Magic 1-10
*Dark Matter
*Shadow Servant
#Burning Slash
Spinning Thrust
Items Tonic:5
¤Forgotten Memories
  Guilds/Clans Freelance
Weapon Name/Class ¤Forgotten Memories
  Armor Name/Class ¤¹Runic Robe
¤²Fallen Ankh
¤³Forgotten Aura0
Weapon Properties ¤+5 PO
¤+5 PO
  Armor Properties ¤¹+45 HP
¤²+45 HP
¤³+45 HP


The force that stands in question is a Pale skin figure,with a dark red robe fitting on his slender body frame loosely,his orbs is a deep set of red hue the shifting depth makes it impossible for one to figure out his true intentions and his hair a deep red color.. a figure with a unknown and mysterious past,..gently he tilt his head and gives off a sly wicked smirk..what could be going threw this person mind..as his orbs just study you.
The Perfect walking picture of a exotic rose growing in a cemented path...., I am want what you made of me.Forgotten and Torture but i laugh cause without you..my existance wouldn;t have been possible..so i shall set forth and force thee to pay tribute to your creation.....The begotton One.