Kylie Knight


Name Kylie Knight   Level 3
Screen Name VampyressChic13   Exp. 570
Race Vampiel   Exp. For Next Level 330
Gender Female   Magic Aptitude 3
Alignment Pure Chaotic   Physical Offense 4d53
Life Pinions 5   HP 250
Current Class Dancer lv.1   Gold Pieces 8,000
JP 190   Defeated EXP Worth 300
JP For Next Level 810   Defeated JP Worth 30
Mastered Classes None   Ability List ~Dance of Adventure
Items Tonic:5
  Guilds/Clans Vain Kingdom
Weapon Name/Class ¤Oak Staff   Armor Name/Class ¤¹Vanity Mail
Weapon Properties ¤+3 PO   Armor Properties ¤¹+50 HP


Sky blue wavy tresses curl down past her waist. Color, a little darker than her locks, fill those anxious pools. That sleek, slender body concealed by a somewhat short ruffled navy blue skirt and off-white armor. The armor it's self is a sight... golden paths wind around in a distinctive pattern and four sapphires that dot the middle breast plate. Put together, they all make the outfit worthwhile. Those light red lips of hers form a friendly smile. That's what she is, friendly. Her light, slightly pale skin is as smooth as satin. She takes good care of herself, as her outward appearance shows. She is not one to go out looking any less than 100%. She is mild mannered and sweet, yet, she is unforgiving and vengeful. She doesn't like being betrayed, and when she is, she never forgets it.
After Aya Knight was reborn, two parts of her were copied and created into two beings. These beings were, of course, Lillie and Kylie Knight who are considered Aya's daughters. They are twins, though not in physical appearance. They think the same, are just as strong as one another, and have the same intentions. Their personalities may be slightly different, however. Lillie and Kylie were sent into Qul'Thalas where they met Sophitia who guided them to Vain Kingdom. They battled their mother, oblivious who she really was. After Aya had thrown Kylie into one of the thrones, images rushed through her head and she remembered during her rebirth the two spirits parting from her body. And so, Kylie and Lillie were dubbed Princesses of Vain Kingdom.