Laim The Eternal


Name Laim The Eternal   Level ???
Screen Name Stahn Faruk   Exp. ???
Race ???   Exp. For Next Level ???
Gender Male   Magic Aptitude 45
Alignment Chaotic Evil   Physical Offense 4d175
Life Pinions 5   HP 750
Current Class Dark Knight lv.1   Gold Pieces 10,000
JP 107000   Defeated EXP Worth ???
JP For Next Level 1500   Defeated JP Worth ???
Mastered Classes Battle Mage
Time Mage
  Ability List Lv. 1-1 B.magic
Lv. 1-2 B.magic
Lv. 1-3 B.magic
Lv. 1-4 B.magic
Lv. 1-5 B.magic
Lv. 1-6 B.magic
Lv. 1-7 B.magic
Lv. 1-1 Caller
Lv. 1-2 Caller
Lv. 1-3 Caller
Lv. 1-4 Caller
Lv. 1-5 Caller
Lv. 1-1 T.magic
Lv. 1-2 T.magic
Lv. 1-3 T.magic
Lv. 1-4 T.magic
Lv. 1-5 T.magic
*Dark Matter
*Shadow Servent
!Two Weapons *Throw
*Final Counter
!+1 init roll
Items S.Potions:10
  Guilds/Clans Freelance
Weapon Name/Class ¤Blade Staff
  Armor Name/Class ¤¹Eternal Mail
¤²Helm of The Kisanthis
¤³Cape of Mishakal
Weapon Properties ¤+5 PO/+3 MA
¤+5 PO/+1 MA
  Armor Properties ¤¹+75 HP
¤²+ 75 HP/Elemental Resistant
¤³+75 HP


That heavy armor clung to his slender, 6'8" body as if it were a second skin. Faint yellow orbs glowed mysteriously in angst, beneath that deathly helm. Eyes so devoid of life, one would question if this man was truly alive or not. A tattered crimson cape trailed behind him, aged stains of blood tainting the once beautiful hue of crimson. Large, brown metallic gauntlets were worn on each hand, matching the equally metallic boots he wore, which glistend in the pale moonlight of the night. A slender pole was sheathed across his back, unbeknownst to those around him, it was actually a deadly weapon. Two 3 foot blades on either side of the pole lie hidden in the sheath. It was a deadly weapon indeed. Beneath the cape which encircled his lithe form quite well, another sheath held the Dymlas: Sister blade to the Dymlos. A mysterious man, he goes by the name "Laim The Eternal"
The past. It was all he dwelled on. Once a former cleric serving the Aileron kingdom, this man would always lurk in the shadows, studying Stahn..and awaiting that day..The day when he would finally get the ultimate revenge. The day...when he would be envious no more. Laim was quite jealous of the young king during his short reign. More importantly, he yearned to have his Queen, Deedlit. The madness consumed him to a point where Laim would do anything possible, just to have her. In turn, he did the unthinkable. The cleric killed himself, then merged his persona mysteriously with Stahn's who was unaware that this was taking place. Now two in a single body, they only seperate when either is disturbed to a point beyond comprehension. This leaves many questions however for the young elf, who is unaware that he is hosting a cynical madman within his body. Perhaps it was Laim that drove Stahn to kill his beloved Queen those many years in the past? Perhaps it was Laim, who had nearly gotten Queen Aya's daughter killed?

...In time, all will know..

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