Madigan Dravenhart Demise Rahl


Name Madigan Dravenhart Demise Rahl   Level 1
Screen Name Madigan Rahl   Exp. 0
Race Vampire   Exp. For Next Level 100
Gender Male   Magic Aptitude 1
Alignment Chaotic Neutral   Physical Offense 4d46
Life Pinions 5   HP 170
Current Class Battle Mage lv.1   Gold Pieces 6,000
JP 0   Defeated EXP Worth 100
JP For Next Level 500   Defeated JP Worth 10
Mastered Classes None   Ability List Lv. 1-1 B.magic
Items Tonics:5
  Guilds/Clans Vain Kingdom
Weapon Name/Class ¤Demolition Axe   Armor Name/Class ¤ıArmor of Darkness
Weapon Properties ¤+5 PO   Armor Properties ¤+20 HP


He stood there silently at 6'2 his brown hair shoulder length as he wore a black cloak and a pair of black boots...but he always carried another cloak larger but lighter. His face was well established as he had been in many wars but kept in shape during the time. His physique is masculine since he was a mere general at the age of 24.
His life was extraordinary. He traveled the world when he was 16, but that ended when he fell in love. He settled down but never married anyone since he joined the war of minions in the age of dawn. He became a general at the age of 24 but soon became a POW but escaped it traveling north. He soon was discovered by the Demise Family as he was beaten up and almost dead...and they accepted him.. to be a Vampire. He had no family except his brother who was lost and the new found Demise Family. He was a vampire.. with many talents.
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