Matt "Da Imperfect Cell" Rahl


Name It was never screamed out so we don't know.   Level 1/2
Screen Name Iwearthongs   Exp. 0 (he hasnt made it past 1st base)
Race Gorilla   Exp. For Next Level More than he can imagine
Gender Undecided   Magic Aptitude 1 (The Rabbit in the Hat was a good one)
Alignment KKK to the max   Physical Offense 1d-5
Life Pinions He lost them all last night   HP 1 1/2
Current Class Sissy Artist   Gold Pieces 12,500 (Gotta have money for those pornos)
JP 0 (Not a child prodigy..)   Defeated EXP Worth He's not worth it.. forget it
JP For Next Level He's not far anyhow.   Defeated JP Worth About.. none
Mastered Classes Pussy
Prison Bitch
Drag Queen
Ass hole
DBZ Impersonator
Gay Activist
Hitler Activist
  Ability List #Escape
#Crawl into a corner and cry
#Urinate Pants
!Drop the Soap
!Ass taker upper
!Mistah Lovah for the men
~Feminine Voice
~Gay lisp
~Hip Shake
*Whip Lash
*Posing as Cell
Items Blow Up Doll of Unproportion
Figurine of Cell in Glass Case
Copy of Hitler's Speeches
Sex for Dummies Book
Sexual Identity Crisis Pamphlet
Strap On Dildo (Victoria's Secret)
Nail Polish (Look at those Neons!)
Night Light
Urinal Disfunction Cream
HUGE Tube of Vaseline
Genital Itch Cream
Copy of Each DBZ Episode
Broken Condoms
  Guilds/Clans DBZ Fan Club (He's the President)
Hitler's Realm of Bigotry
Cock Suckers Anonymous
Weapon Name/Class ¤Limp Noodle   Armor Name/Class ¤¹Bikini Thong
¤³Push Up Bra
Weapon Properties ¤0   Armor Properties ¤¹-10 HP
¤²-20 HP
¤³-20 HP


Big sissy. Sissy. Panzee. Pussy. Bully. Ass. Donkey ball licker. Prison Bitch.. and just about any other personal cut down you can think of would describe "Da Imperfect Cell" perfectly.
"Uh.. I was dropped as a baby. So I can't remember."