Sophitia Lyle


Name Sophitia LYle   Level 1
Screen Name Sophitia Lyle   Exp. 0
Race Elf   Exp. For Next Level 100
Gender Female   Magic Aptitude 3
Alignment Pure Lawful   Physical Offense 4d43
Life Pinions 5   HP 225
Current Class Ranger   Gold Pieces 5,000
JP 0   Defeated EXP Worth 100
JP For Next Level 1,000   Defeated JP Worth 10
Mastered Classes None   Ability List ~Hide
Items Tonic:5
  Guilds/Clans Qul'Thalas
Weapon Name/Class ¤Sceptre of Faith   Armor Name/Class ¤¹Hard Leather Tunic
¤²Breast Plate
Weapon Properties ¤+3PO | +3MA   Armor Properties ¤¹+25 HP
¤²+25 HP
¤³+25 HP


Tresses of gold coiled past slender shoulders, failing to commence at her thighs. Around her forehead was a silversmith tiara, a red, tear drop shaped ruby dangling freely from it. The symbol of her Gods, she never took it off. Lithe, pointed ears poked out curiously from the sides of head, as if saying "hello". Jade pools of light shimmered endlessly, identical to her tunic that enveloped her well endowed figure. A cloak of black draped off her shoulders and to her ankles, which were adorned by beige boots made of deerskin. Sheathed at her hip was her rapier, a weapon only used when she feels defense is needed. Hidden within the depths of her soul is her sceptre, created and given to her by the Goddess Vera, which she may summon at any time. As a smile blooms over her lips, and a sparkle appears in her eye, one cannot help but notice the serenity in every aspect of her features.
Sophitia is the prophet of all Elves, created by the bare hands of the Gods themselves. She met up eventually with the "Guardian", who was created to protect her, the "Deliverer". This man was Cyril Valusrose, half Drow, half Elf in order to much easier protect her. Cyril is the King of the Elves, while Sophitia is their Prophet. Her duty is to guide the Elves to knowledge of nature, pacifism, and of their Gods. It is her responsibility, and she will never give up.