Stahn Faruk


Name Stahn Faruk   Level 6
Screen Name Stahn Faruk   Exp. 1450
Race Elven   Exp. For Next Level 900
Gender Male   Magic Aptitude 9
Alignment Chaotic Neutral   Physical Offense 4d75
Life Pinions 5   HP 395
Current Class Ninja lv.1   Gold Pieces 6,400
JP 8000   Defeated EXP Worth 600
JP For Next Level 500   Defeated JP Worth 60
Mastered Classes Thief   Ability List #Pick pocket
!+1intal roll
!Two Weapons
Items S.Potion:5
Golden Medal:1
»"The Frozen Flame"
»Cross of Aileron
  Guilds/Clans Leader of CoTFF, Vain Kingdom
Weapon Name/Class ¤Dymlos
¤Dragon Katana
  Armor Name/Class ¤¹Garb of the Desert Turk
¤²Silver Smith Plate
Weapon Properties ¤+5 PO/1MA
¤+5 PO
  Armor Properties ¤¹+75 HP
¤²+45 HP


A lean figure clad in tattered black rags. Steel toed boots fit snugly over his swift feet, laceless, but effective nonetheless. His tanned, streamlined face showed the scars of battle, violet hues dancing in rhytm with the midday sun. Sienna locks shrouded his face in shadows, wrapping around his elven ears like vines. Scarf's of the richest oranges and browns encircled the elf's 6'0 frame, and two worn, weathered gauntlets clung to his forearms. Slung over his shoulder, the Dymlos. A legendary sword handed down to him by his father Zyrin Faruk before his untimley demise. He is a creature of little words, but of many actions.
Suffering from mild amnesia, it is said Stahn Faruk hailed once from a forgotten realm. He was found by a group of Vain's Royal Knights unconcious, and was gradually nursed back to health. Now serving Queen Aya Knight, Stahn Faruk hopes to learn more about this mysterious world he has woken up to, and unravel the mysteries of the "Frozen Flame"- an odd illuminous object which was found alongside Stahn when he was discovered.
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