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    Upon Age after Age, one story has been kept the same. The Story of Origin of Amaraya, all things have kept constant when this story was told and always will be. I am here to tell you this story, I hope you will enjoy the tale. ~Adel Keeper of Elven Records

   " The  World of Amaraya was a desolate planet, no life had run its barren land no life had breathed its still fragmented air. The Sky had flashed and boomed as a roaring object struck the land. Up from the cloud of dust and soot rose a being of tedious size. The looming creature was that of an energetic being not of normal standards, this beast was that of the dragon Na'ar. The Dark One had been hurled to the Land by that of The Savior. The Heavens roared again as another being much like the first but skin of white. This Dragon's shinning white scales seemed to glimmer a golden tint as the glaring sun beat down upon the barren land, This dragon hovered over the fallen Dark One. As Na'ar rose to his hide legs to rise to battle the Great Genesis again he was swiftly meet by the Genesis. The battle raged for seven days and seven nights. Upon the death of both Dragons a great eruption took place creating the flow of the True Source. The True Source created the Pattern of Ages and started life upon Amaraya, but with this life it had begun it gave the Dragons their souls back diminishing what Immortality they had only to their souls. The two were immortal in sense but could die upon beheading....
   The Genesis kept battling the Demon Na'ar who's form was that of an early Draconian but this time they did not battle for power or for peace to the newly created world, but for their Ash's of which now lay scattered beneath them. The two could never stop battling it raged more as they had created the start of life, but the Great Genesis knew if Na'ar could reach the Ash's he would then control the earth and regain his immortality. So the Genesis took matters into his own hands and created four men and women of what would seem to be early Human, and Elven race.. even that of the creatures of the night and dwarven race. The four quickly heisted the Ash's and fled with them to hide them upon the four corners of Amaraya. Upon their creation and flight with the Ash's Na'ar was angered! Thus he created his minions! The four opposing sides to the Great Genesis and the battled raged! But little did either side know... they had created life upon this desolate planet, they had set in motion that of which they could never turn... They begun life! They had set in motion the action to create thus of us living today...
   Age's went and Ages came but the battle raged. As Amaraya suffered more and more as chaos begun to set in. Deep into the third Age long forgotten the battle of the Genesis had be recovered written in ancient hand it too generation upon generation to decipher the aged parchment. Amarayans had found their origin, they had found their beginning and thus the Age of Beginning had come. This Age was also the fall of the Genesis. The battles between Na'ar and the Genesis, the Knights of the New Dawning and the Death Knights were raging more so than usual causing more desecration upon the world. The Genesis and Na'ar battled once more upon The Forgotten Continent. There their battle raged, there their battle ended upon the falling of the Great Genesis Na'ar was wounded and lost his sense's Na'ar wasn't killed but wasn't left alive. He sustained major injury as the Age had come to a closing end the First Age had begun, and then the next, tell we now rest at the age of now... Were we still wait for The Savior's rebirth and return to us to once again purge this land of the Father of Injustice Na'ar..."