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Item Cost (gp) Effect
Tonic 50 +75 HP
Potion 175 +150 HP
S. Potion 300 +300 HP
Elixir 1,500 Full HP Restore
Antidote 75 Cure Poison
Oitment 75 Cure Paralysis
Awaken 75 Cure Sleep
Holy Water 75 Cure Confusion
Remedy 350 Cure All Abnormalities
Life Pinion 3,000 Rezz Card (SL/War use)
Scrolls Cost (gp) Effect
"Heal 200 *Physical Heal Spell
"Lunar 200 *Lunar Flare Spell
"Fire 500 *Magma Spell
"Demolition 2,000 *Blood Grail, 1d20,15^
"Destroy 4,000 *Xfer spell
"Haste 1,500 *Haste spell

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