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  In the World of Amaraya the exp. charts are the basics of how your character will grow stronger without job classes and magik classes. The character will always have bass stats. To achieve the next level the character must fight spars and also appear in SL's or ASL's. A character must also be aware that if he/she fails to complete the SL or ASL or if he must be NPC'ed or otherwise he/she will be deducted from half of the CRE, and JP he or she would have acquired from the SL. The CRE will still be added to their character and will further advance them towards their next level. Characters will use their levels to become stronger also in HP. all stats dealing with the characters direct health and offense deal with his or her level in Amaraya. In the World of Amaraya you will also find that a new type of exp. has been added to the world of RPlying []roleplaying[] and will forever change the meanings. We have introduced the preference ability in Amaraya were a character may choose his or her preference from magik user to basic fighter, or even still yet the average hero with abilities both wise. The Prefrences, allow the character to decide where their race's skill lays, or wheather they wish to be an underdog or even still yet the oddball. Welcome now to The World of Amaraya...

     Below is the Magik MP charts, showing the character how the ability to create stronger magik spells with the MP system. This system gives the user of [ Battle Mage ] and [ Cleric ] spells to become stronger and create more damage and problems for those characters who would be able to cause trouble for those of who would take the sword over mental powers. This way a mage will have an easier time casting stronger spells but with lower level spells. Also Adventurer preference may take this bonus but they may only achieve HALF of the full bonus and the rest is forbidden for them, for their magik skills aren't nearly as strong as those of the Magik Prefrence.The Warrior is also forbidden to even take this bonus for their sword is what they trust, they also may not take Arch Mage classes. Adventurer preference doesn't achieve the MP bonus on Arch spells. Only may the Magik Preference extend the MP bonus towards the Arch Spells. Below is the Chart for MP bonus.