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Warrior Preference
   This Prefrence class gives to the characters who wish to use pure physicall strength over Magick, and Skill equal to a vagabon. The Warrior Prefrence causes Character's to have to learn to weild their weapon over anything else. To those who wish to take this Prefrence.  Use your skills quickly and wisly. Certin skills will teach your characters to quickly reverse the flow's of Magick and will also help you return those pesky  smaller soldiers away with your suppior Strength. Note that you may not take any classes outside of this prefrence (meaning Adventure Prefrence Classes, and Mystical Classes can not be touched. You are free though to use Basic Classes more effeciantly and Magick Classes to a minor degree.)  Your character may also not take any class in the Magick Classes beyond Battle Mage and Cleric classes. Good luck, and play effecinatly in The World of Amaraya...