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    In the Land of Amaraya , rules and regulations are poised and used. People have certain things that may be done and certain rules that are meant to be followed to keep it a happy roleplaying environment. Amaraya is based on adventure and story line. The rules of Amaraya are very simple and easy to follow. This forum is an open forum and allows any and all members to join. It works somewhat like RPG game on a video game console, using the HP system mostly famous from the FF [ Final Fantasy ] series, and other RPG series on game consoles around the world. The Land of Amaraya is based on a story being written by one of the fellow creators of this web page and forum. Enjoy your stay and maybe this will persuade you to join, or maybe teach you a few things to know on how to join or what to know.

    In the Land of Amaraya there are systems used to do battle with creatures of folk lure, as well as practice matches known as SPARS among the characters, this is the standard dice system used to accumulate damage, The HP system also allows for a character have a defensive mark and life. The dice system is an easy system to learn (explained later on this page) as well as the HP system, MA system and MP system. The EXP system is of a greater magnitude explain on a further page [ here ]. Also upon entering the Realm of Amaraya you may wish to learn many of the things that must be constant this is explain further on another page [ here ]. Certain abbreviation appear through out the Land of Amaraya , so as to get you acquainted with them read below.

[]Abbreviations of Amaraya[]

SL- Story line- stories and etc., which a char goes by
ASL- Advanced Story line- dueling story lines
MA- Magik Aptitude- Use of which to acquire magik to cast
MP- Magik Points- The Exp to acquired to make a spell stronger
MPS- Magik Points Skill- The Level of Magik Skill for the MP bonus
PO- Physical Offense- The strength of a characters normal attack
MS- Mass Spar- Big Spar/fight between chars for fun
FA- Free For All (MS FFA) - Free For All MS's
TMS- Team Mass Spars- a Group of people on teams spar opposing teams
FS- Fencing Spar- Spar for Guild Leaders to send in
MGM- Main Game Master - Main people who work in Amaraya
GM- Game Master - Staff of Amaraya
GC- Guild Commander - the leader of a guild or clan
SiC- Second in Command - the person who works while the leader of the guild/clan is gone
TiC- Third in Command - the last in line to grab the seat of power in a guild/clan
HM- Honor Match - this is a match for a char who has had his/her honor disgraced
DM- Death Match - A match to the death were a character is dead for good
AA- Assassination Attempt - This is allowed only during War's and etc.
PoW- Prisoner of War- A person captured during war between Guilds/clans
CRE- Character Race Experience- The Exp acquired to level up your Character's Race
PEC - Prefrence Choice- This is where your character chooses how they would rather live their life with classes

[]Types of Battles[]

Spar- This is a one-on-one battle between characters all for fun
MS- This is a large fight between many characters all for fun
TMS- This is two teams facing off against each other
FS- Practice Spars for GC's to do in the guild and send to GM's for a EXP. Orb bonus
HS - This is a Handicapped Spar, where one man faces a larger group, or a smaller group faces a larger.

   The story lines for the Land of Amaraya are done by MGM's and GMs, but to further the educational process of new members and even members alike there are two types of an SL in Amaraya, an ASL [Advanced Story Line ] and an MSL [Minor Story Line] normally just referred to as an SL. The difference upon these two types of SL's are as follows.

SL- this is the basic story line of Amaraya. this will have one GM as a host and maybe played as long as a story sketch and etc. is sent to the GM's in advanced. If a character wants to write up his or her own SL for there character send it to a GM and along doing so we will write it down and will have one of us assigned to doing this SL for you.

ASL- Advanced Story Line. This type of SL will be used with TWO GM's playing it out, one is hosting while the other try's nonstop to screw them over and not allow the 'Heroes' to the end of the SL this is suggested to do with more then one character, more like a party of three to five characters. (This may not have a story line made by the characters)

   The attacks used in Amaraya have many different properties, the Job Classes allow certain attack, there's a base attack using just your normal strength from your weapon, and Magik Attacks. A character rolls dice for each and everyone of these types of attacks. For some attacks a certain attacks and initial roll must be achieved to get the attack.
  [example] to achieve blood feast from vampire race class { Chaos Knight } you must roll a 1d20 and achieve a 15 or above to drain the life from an opponent and replenish yourself. To roll dice you must always type in an a key this key goes as follows.
  [] //roll-dice[how many 1-4]-sides[how many 1-999] [] After typing in this key the online host will then randomly select certain numbers and give an average so per chance a lv6 character rolls 4d70 {bass stats} he will roll this key.
  [] //roll-dice4-sides70 [] then four numbers will pop up and an average will be drawn and cretin damage created (normally dice bots will be used to do so).

To Use Magik in Amaraya an initial much like the { Chaos Knights } Blood feast will be rolled. This initial though implies from your characters MA [Magik Aptitude]. MA is effected by two things, your characters level and weapon/armor bonus.
   [example] A Mage character wish's to attack his opponent with an MA 1 spell an MA roll is un needed but the spell is fairly weaker then that of a level 2 [MA2] spell or higher. To achieve a higher level spell the user must achieve a higher MA roll based on his/her MA level, Say a Lv.10 character wishes to use a MA 6 spell called *Blast. They will then do this key.
  [] //roll-dice1-sides10 [] and he/she achieves a seven,making it above the level 6 MA roll needed they then achieve the right to cast the spell, and roll the dice for the attack the key would go as follows.
  [] //rolll-dice1-sides90 [] the attack of the spell is multiple so it effects everyone.

  Now say that this same character wishes to cast the spell again but this time he/she fails they would use the same key to roll {    //roll-dice1-sides10   } but this time they achieve a five, so the spell failed and the character lost their turn.

                 FENCING SPAR RULES
    The rules for FS's [ Fencing Spars ] are as follows. These type of SPARS are only allowed during the spare time of the Guild of which the character resides in, and also only for the EXP Orbs bonus. This type of battle goes for ten rounds only and the character with the highest score at the end wins and must achieve some EXP from the orb upon its maintaining. This spar also does not allow weapon-to-skin contact until the tenth and final round. Characters have the ability to dodge if the attack does not achieve above a 9. Two characters will spar while one keeps score the attacks are restricted to 2d20, FS's may also choose rank and nobility inside kingdoms/guilds/and clans. The Key goes as follows.
   []example[] Char.1- :: swings wide with his blade then thrusts a shoulder into the opponents chest::
  //roll-dice1-sides20  []say he achieved a 10 and 20 []
GC- Char.1 achieves 3 points.

 The Scoring system for FSing is this
1-9 =no points
10-9= 1 point
20= 2 points