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   In the World of Amaraya there are certain progress where a character has to choose many things one is the Allegiance to whether they are on the side of good or side of bad or a balanced character. Allegiance has little to do with classes except that for certain classes to be taken your character must be of a certain allegiance, although in Amaraya the effects of Allegiance bound you to play your character a certain way until perhaps a traumatic episode happens which may change this characters preference towards evil or good. But upon doing this your character will loss his or her Job Class of which was granted to their allegiance to either dark or light surfaces and the JP will be completely wasted but you will then gain your slot back to achieve which ever class you wish to take. Below you will find the Allegiance Preferences to be chosen from and of which you must play your character by. Welcome now to the World of Amaraya's Allegiance...

Pure Allegiance
Pure Good
 Pure Good is the symbol of total good guys these players will choose to stand against the villains and take no prisoners from that side of the fence. a Pure Good would stand against his vile enemy until his death [ this is idle for Paladin ]
Pure Balance
 Pure Balanced is the mix of Good and Neutral. This character would fight against evil but take no real side they would stand to fight all vile villains of any dark allegiance yet not really be pure.
Pure Hatred
 Pure Hatred is the allegiance that stands for good but with a slight twist allowing the character to switch to a slight evil twist to make his enemy see he isn't going to stand by and allow innocents to suffer
Neutral Allegiance
True Neutral
 True Neutral is a person who believes life can not exist without balance of Good and Evil. Thus this character takes no real side but battles which ever he or she chooses. Also this character may not take a Paladin or Dark Knight class for they have no point of junction.
Chaotic Allegiance
True Chaotic
 This is the most vile of villains. This character is the character all learn to hate. This being is the one all villains strive to be. Pure Evil this character is the perfect choice for Dark Knight
Chaotic Balance
 This is the character that has the ability to know he or she is doing wrong but doesn't really care to an extent, this villain has limits that they just wont cross to get their job done.
Chaotic Pure
 This villain cant really be considered a villain. This character however can be considered the worst of good guys. This villain has a sense of compassion to where they know to far is enough and that line wont be crossed upon this character.