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  In the World of Amaraya. Kingdoms rise and Kingdoms fall but still they apper. To those that wish to creat a new Kingdom, Guild, or Clan, there are rules you will need to abide by below is where you will find them.

   Every month a Guild Roster Sheet will be sent to all MGM's of Amaraya. This Roster must include number of members, their names, and their jobs, as well as Rezzings and NPCed characters, these will allow your Guild to gain a monthly allowence. Their is a sallary Cap to the number of members that will allow you to gain money. Although as many Rezzings are not. To Start a Guild the GC of the Guild must have a minimum of 5 members to join minus him or herself. The Chart Below will show fuding for the number of members your Guild holds.

Member GP Allowence
Number of Members
1 - 10
11 - 20
21 - 26
27 - 30

   There becomes a cap at 30 members, no more can be brought into the Guild, those characters that are pulled into your Guild may not join another unless they leave yours for another. Guilds may also form allgence's with other Guilds or creat a small guild inside their own larger one. The second guild can only be created after the cap has been reached. The second Guild is a direct result of the other and is under its lead though a new GC is picked to "lead" the second Guild.


    A GC will gain Exp as well as a monthly allowence, but this EXP comes with  a specific cost, that must be done througly, firstly the EXP Orb must be bought to be gained, then to further the use of the item bought you will be able to gain EXP monthly to hand out to each of your characters in your guild. The EXP placed into the Orb must be used before reaching next month or  the EXP is released, also to gain the EXP you must do Fencing Spars (FS's) . Below will be the Amount the Orb Costs, and the EXP you gain from spars.

Item Cost
Exp Orb

  Below is the EXP from Fencing Spars below.

Fencing Spars EXP
Number of Spars
EXP Gained
1 - 20
21 - 40
41 - 60

  The EXP gained can be distrubed as wished between guild but a total of only 5 levels can be gained through this process. This allows other characters to gain the EXP and also makes you preticpate in the World of Amaraya more. From here on the Guild Regulations are simple

No FS Logs without GC sending them.
No Wars without plusable cause
No Guild can be created without a GC and 5 members minus him/herself
Guilds have a 30 member Cap
A Guild Roster must be sent in monthly for allowence