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Character Job Classes
   These are the Job Classes of Amaraya. A job class is the class a Character takes up to use to his or her advantage in battle's or even from day to day life inside our world of adventure. You will have to choose a class to start off with, but there are certain classes only certain races or alignments can have [- exp. Elf race takes Ranger class, Dark Character takes Dark Knight -]. Also you must achieve certain classes to take some classes[- exp. To take Martial Artist you must master Fighter -]. Also, all characters are bound to take only 15 classes no more. Of course these classes are of your choice, and are able to be of any class relating to the rules. Beyond the point of making the character leave from his or her preference and race. The rules are established to keep all fair in the Classes and battles, so each character may have a fair attempt. A character may take any of the Basic Classes or Spell class but may not leave from the prefrence classes they have choosen for their own.  Below you will find the character classes that certain preferences and races may use. Welcome to the World of Amaraya's abilities...

        []The top three class are only for the preferences you have chosen. The middle two, are for everyone, and the last is for your race. Choose wisely []