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  The World of Amaraya like all forums has rules and things that must be. In Amaraya some of these rules are new some are old, and some are just things to make it easier on everyone whether a character or a Amaraya Official. In Amaraya we hope all members have  fun and achieve their goal of roleplaying through story lines and making their mark on the world.

Battle Constants

In Amaraya battle has constants and must so the flow of things is constantly the same and will stay that way. One of which is the initial roll. The initial roll must be rolled before EVERY battle weather it be a Spar or in an SL if a new battle pops up in an SL the heroes must once again roll initial for first strike, unless the GM speaks other wise against the roll. []example: if the monsters are supposed to have back attack then the heroes will have to wait their turn, initial must also always be rolled by every character before the SL starts so the first attackers may stay constant. Later initial rolls will just be two people rolling, one for the monsters and the other the heroes[]

Another constant is MA rolls. MA rolls must ALWAYS be rolled before any spell is casted, and used upon and enemy of any sort.

HP constant, HP must always be stated before battle, or upon entering an SL if one enters late. Also GMs or the proctor of the Heroes during an SL or Spar must scroll before the next round starts and after the last round has ended []example: first round of battle scroll allies HP so they know, then after the enemy attacks and before heroes attack again scroll once more[]

Character Constants

In Amaraya all characters must fill out an application upon entering the world of Amaraya, so characters can have a character sheet created for them. Characters must also have some sort of weapon whether it is his or her own fist or a blade. Characters also must have armor with the same stipulation.

A Character in Amaraya may only choose one preference, upon choosing that preference they must stay with it until master ship of it.

A Character may also only choose one Job Class at a time. A character may only achive up to 15 Job-Classes to fully master and fulfill. This keeps everything to a basis and everyone a fair chance, aswell as giving individualism to ALL Characters of Amaraya

Warrior Preference Constants

Warrior Preference Characters may only take Battle Mage and Cleric Classes of magik. They may not choose another magik class beyond those two.

Warrior Preference Characters may not learn a job class that does not  apply to their prefrence.[]meaning: if it says may not take if of warrior preference, or it is of the adventure preference or magik preference you may not take it if of this preference[]

Adventurer Preference Constants

Adventurer Preference Characters may take any magik class they choose except for the [Sythic Mage Class], AND may NOT use the MP bonus skill and EXP chart

Adventurer Preference Characters may not learn a job class that does not apply to their prefrence.[]meaning: if it says you may not take if of adventurer preference, or it is of the warrior preference or magik preference you may not take it if of this preference[]

Magik Preference Constants

Magik Preference Character may take all magik classes and may also have the MP bonus as well as use the concentration skill.

Magik Preference Characters will also use the concentration skill on the Sythincmagik class BUT the MA must be gathered by both Spell casters and the wait will then deplet both characters turn for that round.

MagikPrefrence Characters may not learn a job class that does not apply to their preference []meaning:if it say you may not take it of MagikPrefrence or it is of the Warrior preference or Adventurer preference you may not take it if of this preference []

Both Wizards who cast a Sythic Magik Spell must have mastered Arch Mage spells to begin casting Sythinc Magik Spells

Character Class Constants

A character may only end up taking 15 classes in Amaraya no more, after mastering his or her 15th class they are known as a Job Master. They may also decide not to take a class at any given point. If a character chooses to stop taking classes after mastering their current Job-Class, they may then becoming "Pending" and will gather JP untill they wish to further their choice of classes.

As a character in Amaraya you must stick to your Alignment, Race, and Preference to take certain classes you may not leave this boundary, if you are of mixed race you must choose one Race Class or the other, if you are of Pure Alignment you may only take a Pure Alignment class and if of a certain Preference you are only allowed to take those preferences classes.

Spell Casting Constants

Regardless of the spell an MA initial roll must be done and achieved before the spell can be sufficiently casted []example: if the spells MA roll is failed meaning you do not achieve the number you must roll to cast the spell then you do not cast this spell and your turn was a failure. If you do gain the number or above you successfully achieved the spell and then may cast it upon your opponents[]

Sythinc Magik Spells must have both Spell casts successfully achieve the MA roll before either of them is allowed to roll for the spell. Only ONE caster will roll the dice but both loss their turn this achieves an extra dice to the normal 1d (whatever PO) to make it become a 2d(whatever PO).

Only Magik Preference users may gain the MP bonus to strengthen their PO on their spells no other preference is able to gain this ability  this allows all parties to be equal in strength.

Amaraya I Role Playing Constants

All Characters have the rights to play in Amaraya and none will be neglected, but if a problem keeps constant between two characters, or a MGM and a character than one of the characters will be removed or a character will be removed period.

MGM's and GM's demand respect, they work hard and devote their time for YOU to have fun and we would appreciate any cooperation from your behalf to keep Amaraya a happy and respectful Forum for all to enjoy.

Amaraya is a Medieval-Fantasy Story Line based forum no guns, or bombs or anything of the sort will be seen in Amaraya. Unless stated otherwise by a GM at any given point. So before you even ask the answer is NO GUNS allowed in this forums world

What a character does IC (In Character) is not to be taken personally by a character OOC (Out Of Character) if a person does do this it is a sign of bad roleplaying. If a character though harasses your character constantly tell you GM or your MGM's and something will be done by the  Amaraya Officials.

If you have a problem with the judgment of a GM take it up with an MGM and something will be done, but until further notice the decision of the GM is final.

All MGM judgment calls are final no discussion about it, if the opposing MGM decides otherwise a meeting will be held by the MGMs of Amaraya

SL's of Amaraya will be held monthly. a minimum of three Amaraya based SL's will be played out monthly, and a minimum of 2 per character SL [] example: Amaraya SL is based on the story line of the World of Amaraya, a character SL is based on a certain character or characters[]

Amaraya will also have a tri-monthly tournament of champions, thus making a champion to the World of Amaraya, this will happen every three months and will be held between all participants that decide to sign up, your character will get a prize of EXP, AP, GP and a special prize from the MGM's for winning. Also the tournament will have an entrance fee.

Amaraya Roster Sheets will also be updated once a week so do not bother asking your character sheet masters to do so before hand. If they choose to bravo, but if not do not bother them, they are humans and have plans as well. We try to give a social life.. not take it from those whom have them

Amarayans may also only spar trice a week. If you go over, those after the first three will be invalid this helps keep track of Updating biweekly and keeping power surges for characters to minimum but don't feel discouraged that you wont rise in ability quickly because you still have the generous SLs to look forward to and next weeks three spars.