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Races of Amaraya

  The World of Amaraya has become its own little world were races rain supreme and humans aren't the only living creature that inhabit  its lands. In Amaraya many things have resurfaced and begun to cling to life once more, the creatures of the night no longer run the show but run with the pack of races. Elven kind isn't just woodland creature everyone thinks of as Keeblers, and the mighty Draconian isn't head of the food chain. Amaraya has brought to its inhabitants many different sources of culture and will continue to bring more.

Human Race

Humans:  The eldest creature to the world that has stayed in civilazation. The resorsful ness and integray of this race is remarkable. The Human race is well absorbed in skill with the sword and skill with the spells of Magik. perfect for adventurer the human has no real allgence to any force of good or evil mostly nueatrul humans can have a tendunce to anger quickly or to be calm.

Elven Race

Wood Elves:  There are several different breeds of elves, this one tends to live with nature as its home. Wood Elves are elegant and graceful in their movements. They can be very agile and quick when the need arises. Wood Elves are good-tempered creatures, never to quick to use violence to resolve any matter. Wood Elves are the greatest archers known to Amaraya. Wood Elves usually grow no more than 5'7 in height. Their features are usually far more beautiful than that of a human, especially the female ones. Wood Elves are long-lived, and less vulnerable to disease than humans. Their minds are quick and clever with an intensity and depth of insight allowing them to sometimes catch glimpses of the future. Wood Elves love their natural surroundings, they are the true protectors of the forest. The Wood Elves natural enemy is their direct opposite, Drows. Their feud has been going on for centuries now, over the protection, and destruction of the natural world. These battles are usually very bloody, and result in many deaths.

High Elves: From the high mighty mountain tops of the Northernlands these strong willed, and magically inclined elves travel the lands of Urth. High Elves are the most magical of any of the other various Elven breeds. Their minds are sharp, their actions quick, and bodies agile. Usually High Elves have long silvery, or blonde hair, along with green, or blue eyes, with pale skin. They stand slightly taller than the other Elven races by a couple of inches. These Elves are usually found in mighty Kingdoms, following a strict code of honor, and respect for other life forms. They are usually good Nature beings, with warm welcoming hearts when left not threatened. In battle their Mages can shake the morale of even their mightiest opponents.

Drows: Drow or Chaos Elves are said to have derived from the Deity of Chaos before the Great Elven Wars had taken place. There was no order within their tribes, their hearts and souls set on anarchy, and destruction. Chaos Elves were banished from the Elven Kingdoms of Urth, causing too much havoc to live within a ruled society. Even though Elves naturally hate goblins, Chaos Elves have befriended the Goblins in a sense of companionship loving to destroy things. As allies, they set off to conquer the civilized Kingdoms of the High & Wood Elves, failing in their attempts every time. Led by a leader known as "Haganslash the Chaos Lord", they traveled across the lands of Urth declaring wars on other elven nations. After the Great Elven Wars many of the Chaos Elves were destroyed at a battle known as Height's Peak, where Mythreal the High Elven leader led his troops with such skill they caused the opposition to flee into the Wastelands. You can distinguish a Chaos Elf by the slightly reddish skin color, and longer more pointed ears than other elven tribes. Beware for there intent is that of true chaos.

Creatures of the Night Race

 Creaturs of the Night: The Undead or Creators of the Night are the dark entities purged upon the lands of Amaraya. They hunt for the pouring blood of the living and purge the darkness with vileness and wicked ways. Though not all of these entities are evil they still have their cruel thoughts and cruel twists of irony to give out, whether they choose the pure allegiance or dark they will always have their twists to achieve, and will cause much mischief to be held at someone else's extent.

Dwarven Race

Dwarves: Dwarves are short, have stocky odd shaped bodies, and big heads. They are stronger and more durable than a human. They can wield heavy weapons like Axes and Warhammers more easily than feeble races. Their endurance is amazing. Dwarves are known for their ability to work day and night without a moments rest, though they do still need sleep but only half of what a human requires. This makes them exceptional workers in the dark mines where they hunt for their precious metals.
   Dwarves have centuries of knowledge passed down through their bloodlines on studying of magical properties locked in precious metals. Their weapon making skills are passed down by apprenticeship. They are very skillful miners, metalworkers, and metallurgists, with a sense that attracts them to find the richest veins of precious resources and work them into the perfect weapon, or artifact. Dwarves make some of the most finely built magical weapons on all of Amaraya. Some believe that Dwarves have magic within themselves that allow such artistic and astounding weapons to be made. Even though Dwarves are so magically connected, it is pure irony that they can not become Sorcerers. Many of the wisest Dwarves well aged over that of a Human have tried for hundreds of years to no avail. However Dwarves can be Specialties that draw upon power from outside sources such as Necromancy, and Priestship.
   When they aren't out searching for precious metals and lost treasures you will most likely find them one of two places. The first being within the forging room where they produce their wonderful weapons. The second being within a mead hall enjoying some strong ale, and singing songs of hunting treasure, going to war, and heritage orientated.
Theidwar: The Theidwar are the Dark Dwarven race ready to fight at a moment and slimmer than their cousins these Dwarves have the capablity to use more magik then that of another Dwarf. These creatures are quick to judge and even quicker to anger, raising a weapon or a spell to kill an oppent before they even know the whole truth of the matter. These dwarves also stick to the darkest corners of the caves and other areas.

 Draconian Race

Draconian: Draconians or man-dragons are humanoid looking dragons that walk on two legs, and possess two arms like that of a man, but with the appearance of a dragon. Thick scales cover their bodies, their fingers having large talons at the end, most of them having large tails and wings. They do not grow as large as the regular breed of dragons, standing anywhere from 7 - 12 feet in height. A Dragonians mind does not store as much knowledge as that of a normal dragon's, but their intelligence is that of the average human. They are very powerful, and furious creatures in the art of war, over the ages learning the techniques of some weaponry, but the usage of armor is very rare considering their scales act as natural armor growing stronger as they do. Draconians worship fire, and use it in almost every aspect of their life. Fire is sacred to them, and its existence is protected by this order of beings. Like any other intelligent race, you will often find Dragonians colonizing within large tribes or Units as they call it within their own society. Leadership of a Unit is usually gained through a test of skill that occurs once a year usually put in place by the elders. Draconians usually have a very colorful underside to their wings, which makes them an awesome sight to see while in flight. A Draconians attitude, and Nature will range like that of a humans, depending on the individual Draconian, making them the best of friends to some, the worst of enemies to others.

Minotaur Race

Minotaur: Minotaurs are large monsters ranging from 7-10 feet in height, with the legs, arms and body of a man, and a very large head of a bull. Their bodies are covered with brown hair like that found on that of a male bull. These creatures are very strong physically, but lack the intelligence to use much Magik. Minotaurs are very well indowed creatures upon the land of strength, and their horns sought by most for golds and money, though to find a man that may take the horns of a Minotaur without a fight is unlikely. Minotaurs  are skilled well in the weaponary of Axe's and other large weapons.

Url Race

Url: Url or Hunter.The origin of the Hunter race is a secret of time . They have reappeared just recently over the past 350years. Their numbers began to spread across the lands becoming more prominent in places that have much adventure to offer. Hunters stand between 6-8 feet in height, well-muscled bodies, covered by bronze colored skin. Their hair is always silver, or raven black, their eyes silver or black in color, which are known to glow gold when in battle, tufted ears and a small horn purtruding from their forehead. Their weapon of choice is a long curved silvery sword in which they seem to master as skillful as any warrior. Hunters are known for their quiet, deadly nature. Some of them are the best bounty hunters known to Amaraya. They take pride in Hunting large beasts, and outlaws of the land. Life seems as if it is one big Hunting game to this secretive race.

Planes Walker Race

Planes Walker:  The Planes walker is a rare sight to see, normally a humiod form that follows to every accord that of a human, but they are more so of the traviling type, and to those of the race they apper diffrent a haze shadow always wround their form. Planes Walkers are nomadic rarly staying in the same area for more then a few years at a time to them, but to a normal man it could be ages. Planes Walkers are near immortal and very well adappted to magik , thus their speciallity of being able to use the ablity to shift to other realms. The history of Planes Walkers race is unknown to all but them, they are also said to be the Watchers of time.

Magi Race

Magi: Magi are much like that of the Creatures of the Night. Trickery and plot runs thick in them, but not like that of a Creature of the Night, for them it is much like that of polictics, an itelectual race and highly adapted to the ways of Magik in the World of Amaraya these creatures are highly skilled Channelers. A Magi is that of the form of a human but they are taller and leaner like that of an elf, the true diffrence of a Magi from both races are the wings they can shed. A Magi may form wings of black leather or that of pearl white feathers, even that of a mixed tone.  Highly inlighted these creatures tend to play well in high places of courtship with Kings and Queens...