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    In the World of Amaraya cretin things must come to past and cretin things must stay the same, thus the Glossary of terms for the world will be placed upon the page so character may refer to items, land, people, races, wars, and many other sorts of  relevant antiquaries will be found upon this page for people to refer to. Please refer often to this page it may help you greatly in SL's, ASL's and also help you when you talk to an MGM about something from Amaraya...


Amaraya, The World of - The earth of this universe more often refereed to as Amaraya, this is the planet of which life is given to the creatures. This is a fertile land of beauty and magnificence, the world is constantly thriving as it is growing with population.

Abadons, The - The Abadons are the monsters that were called forth on to Amaraya upon the Chaos legend, these monsters seemed to have nothing in their agenda but sear destruction and death of all, but they were confided and hopefully impressed with Father Chaos.

Age's, The - The Ages are times passed of great importance to the World of Amaraya, some historical records are lost upon these Age's but some facts can still be found in The Great Hall. These Ages consisted of wars, peace, thriving technology and many different techniques newly learned.

Alterac, Continent of - This is the Elven home land, covered in the misty covering of snow and forest this content is ideal for most inhabitants. Its forests are lush and green with many different plant life and animals this content resides in the north were the only well known town is the kingdom of Qul'Thalas.

Ash's, The - The Ash's of the great battle of The Genesis and Na'ar, those who find these "ashs" are blessed with great power. It is said the Ash's aren't Ash's at all but shinning Cyrstals hidden and sealed away by the Knights of the New Dawning.

Apocalyptic, Knights of the - This is a number of men and women who praise their life to the Father of Injustice and wish to serve him in both life and death, though Na'ar lives on he is severely weakened and become mortal to the extent of kill able. These servants wish to revise his immortality so chaos may rain the World of Amaraya.

Azura, Clan of  - The Clan of Azura is a Clan of  special swordsman ship of their own ability and great skill, they don't not except the Skill Blade Badges for they believe all their warriors are meant to own one without special representation.

Badge, Sword Skill - This is a mark upon your Sword of Animals representing how you wield our blade it is meant only for blade weaponry(swords and such) upon owning these special badges you are known as a great swords man or blade master.

Blade Master - A Blade user that has become so skillful with his/her sword that they are matched by few, and normally receive badges of honor of which is imprinted an animal of a Dragon, Phoenix, Falcon,and Condor showing of rank and swordsman ship like skill, each animal represents a different style of use.

Ca'edarrow - The largest Elven city next to Qul'Thalas, this city has seen many awar's and lots of destruction. Ca'edarrow has been rebuilt at least once for each Age it has stood since its construction.

Century - The lead of the Helgast's. He is Na'ar's right hand man and has battled many a times for him when battles had seemed lost Century stood and won them. Century is the perfect model of  a Helgast is supposed to be tight decaying gray skin and his white hair and beady eyes make him vil looking to be the perfect Helgast Warrior

Channeling - Channeling is the ability to flow magik through one's self and towards an attacker or for other purposes. Channelers often are referred to as wizards, warlocks, witches and sorcerers. The ability is within all creatures of Amaraya just certain people and races are more adaptable to use Magik.

Chaos, Age of - This Age brought much destruction to the World of Amaraya and brought a new face of evil as well bringing with it a deep set of danger for all inhabitants of the world. This new enemy seemed to have hated all creatures good or evil.

Dawning, Knights of the New - The Knights of the New Dawning number in at a total of four men and women first brought to life by the Great Genesis. These men and women had great power, it is said they head the "Ash's" of the Battle of Heaven afterward, it is also spoken a time will come when they are returned of new skin and life breathing to the World of Amaraya to purge the land of evil. [ Knights of the New Dawning were - Atticus, Kai'Kai, Dekar, and Melkib ]

Doubt, Forest of - The Forest of Doubt is a forest that lays dormant on the Continent of Mist, its mist is twisted inside of this forest and creates illusions of the mind to anyone who dare walk among it, it is said only the Genesis has walked through the forest unscaved by his own thoughts.

Dragon Shrine, The - The Dragon Shrine is a Shrine laid in ruins after the Age of Pavilous. The Age was a long Age of war and deceit, the Shrine once stood for peace of mind and victory to the Genesis over the Father of Injustice, but the shrine has long since fallen.

Death Knights, The - A total of four opposing Knights were created from the earth of Amaraya for Na'ar to have oppose the Knights of Dawn, the battle was fierce and neither side won any victory though the Knights of Dawning returned to the Heavens and were now considered Gods, the Death Knights await their return in the flesh on the World of Amaraya, [ Death Knights were - Elmdor, Vlos, Michiliah, and Veluis ]

Dun'Mordra, City of - This unholy city serves Na'ar as a second out post it rests upon the Drow Island of Loocor, this city is rumored to have many hidden secrets awaiting discovery.

D'ni, City of - This is the Drowish Capital, the Drows once banished from the Elven continent of Alterac took upon the small out crop Island of Loocor.

Enig'erz - This is the World of Dreams and Souls, this is the hidden world of Amaraya.

Father of Injustice, The - * See Na'ar *

Father Chaos - This creature was the cause of the Chaos Age, though Father Chaos has been sub dewed and brought to justice he was never destroyed and fear stings the inhabitants that he can not be destroyed. He seemed fueled by all emotions of the races living upon Amaraya.

Gahki - These creatures are monsters of sheer evil made for one reason by The Defender of Injustice, and that is to serve him and his shadow men. Gahki are lizard like men who walk on two legs and look much like an iguana. Often they are battle in small fists, upon the death of certain Gahki special magik is released to hopefully kill the opponent.

Great Genesis, The - The Genesis is the Entity of Peace and Good will to Amaraya. This creature is the reason for life on Amaraya. It is said the Genesis was once a great Dragon who purged the evil doings of the Father of Injustice Na'ar, Upon the death of both Dragons a great explosion roared across the heavens creating the World of Amaraya, and all entities upon it. From the Ash's rose the Great Genesis and the Father of Injustice Na'ar in their mortal like forms.

Great Mount, The - This mountain is said to be the peak of the World of Amaraya, it reaches the heavens and has never been scaled, what may lay at its summit is left to the imagination of each and every individual in Amaraya.

Helgast - Helgast's are dark entities made by the Father of Injustice. These men like creatures are exactly the opposite of men, they have little skin covering there skeletal remains these creators wield the ability to channel and seek out any man or women who also has the ability. They wear armor blacker than pitch their weapon is a sword of dark ebony that doesn't wound but kills. These creatures exist in a phase almost out of time as they are unmoved by elements around them such as wind.

Hidden City of Avalon - A hidden realm layed in secreacy where great heros are found. This city holds the lost records of time of Amaraya. Time will only tell if it is uncovered again and found by the many people of Amaraya

Island of Don'Mor, The - These Islands stand in the shape of a man. Said to have been cursed by the many battles that has taken place there since the first Age, These Island's are greatly watched for action since each piece seems to start forming back to the center making a man more noticeable.

Juri - This is the City of which Tristin controls and roams around. Juri is called the watcher City for legend says it lies in wait for something. Tristin floats about this city and claims it as its own,

Kai'Kai - A Goddess like entity which is normally referred by the Elven race, this entity was one of the former Knights of the New Dawning. She embraces the world with peace as her Ash. Kai'Kai is the most showing of the four Knights allowing  her presence known two those she wishes to help towards the rebirth

Knight Family Dynasty, The - This family has been upon the land of Amaraya since the day of birth. This great family has lasted since the raise of the Knights of the New Dawning and have since then raised to much greatness as men and woman of the Knight family have served the side of good to resist Na'ar in its own sense since the day of their fallen father Atticus of the New Dawning.

Linking, The - The Links allow those who can channel more of the One Power. Thus allowing them to pull the flow of the One Power into a more effective tool to be used (Double Casting is Linking)

Loo'cor, Continent of - This is the Island of which the Tolaran Kingdom is placed upon. This small continent is in the mid west beside the Island the kingdom of Tristin resides upon.

Lost City - This City once was a great city of rise and fall. They had been prosperous and wealthy but since their greed had rid them of their humanity fate had a twist of cruelty upon them crashing their continent to the waters below and now sending their destroyed city to a taint, he who so touches the treasures of this Land would before ever tainted and fated to die.

Monolith of Magery - This is the monolith of which many a people wonder of its creation and construction. This large tower has many secrets and many adventurers are lost to its walls and forest. The monolith is guarded by stranger power and guardians.

Nan'aza - This is the out post of Reza Kingdom, Na'naza holds a large army and population it isn't just a war post but a forted town much like most  of the Reza towns, this one holds special meaning to the country of Reza for during the revolution of which Cain Alastrata made as his outpost and won the war becoming the new king of Reza

Na'ar The Dark - Na'ar the Father of Injustice, this monster holds the world in his now mortal grasp. He was once known as the dark dragon who battled the Genesis. The Great Genesis and Na'ar the Dark hold much power and were what created peace, balance, and evil upon this world, their Ash is also the cause of life upon Amaraya. Na'ar is bound to hold in Zul'Dar the creator of destruction turned to a kingdom of vileness held by Na'ar and his Minions

One Power, The - The One Power is a source of magik upon the world of Amaraya. It is the flow of life which binds all living existence in the world. The flow can be turned into a channeling action and used as magik

Pavilious, Age of - The Age of Pavilious is the most memorable Age. This Age left Amaraya with new technology and weaponry the production of money and kingdoms. This was the first Age that brought to the world of Amaraya historious facts

Qul' Thalas, Kingdom of - The Elven Kingdom, this land holds much spiritual magik. The elves have held this land for as long as history records show. An Elven council has resided their to hold the interest of their people. The Elven king holds power only as lead of the council

Rebirth, The - The Rebirth is the legend of the Genesis's return, upon his return the battle of the Age's will begin. The Genesis would have the body of a mortal placing him back upon the earth to finally return Na'ar to the Underworld and to never ascend upon the land of Amaraya again.

Reza, Kingdom of - The Kingdom of Reza is a full Human kingdom they are perhaps even feared by all kingdoms except certain few. Reza holds the best trained army and soldiers, with their king who was former Captain of the Guards and General to the late Demitri, Cain was to be dealt with as a traitor to the Kingdom but rose an army against Reza, and now he sits upon the  throne of the most elite kingdom known to Amaraya.

Serenity, Forest of - This forest is the hidden forest deep inside of the Elven woods, no one who can channel may use the One Power in this land, all battle in these woods must be of hand to hand. This forest though contrary to its name has seen many battles and the reason as to why the One Power can not be channeled here is an amazement wanting to be figured out.

Savior, The -  * See Great Genesis, The *

Taloran, Kingdom of - This is the most wealthiest kingdom on the World of Amaraya, Taloran holds much of the crops and ports them out to other kingdoms for profit. Taloran is also the eldest  kingdom next to the Tristin domain. Taloran resides upon a crescent like Island  deep between the high mountains of Vain and Elven Island of Alterac.

Tor'res, City and Port of - Tor'res is the most well endowed port and city in the world of Amaraya, its very luxurious and holds much to the Taloran kingdoms treasury. Tor'res sees many ships daily and never closes mind the season, business rarely slows as well as Tor'res is the most frequently visited city in the world.

Tree of Life, The - This tree of legend was created after the battle of Na'ar and the Great Genesis. This is the actual tree that holds the secret to the creation of Amaraya. Though hidden from many eyes, this tree is long sense ventured for.

Tristin, Kingdom of - The floating magnificent Island of the Land of Amaraya, This Island floats about its own tiny Island. Tristin resides between Taloran and Qul'Thalas, it is considered the magik city of the world and is held deeply in the grasp of the Knight Family. This Kingdom is also said to hold a special bond with the flow of the One Power through the world of Amaraya, since the kingdom is well endowed to show its source of channelers and magik users. The Mountain upon which it floats is also said to hold a special rift in the fabric of Amaraya.

True Source, The - This is the life force of Amaraya, the source of which all life flows from and the power of which the One Power is used to be powered with. This is the basic beginning of all life and creation upon this world.

Union, The - This was a secret technique used in the dark age, a HERO saved the world by fusing his mind and body with another's to save the planet of Amaraya from an attack of chaos.


Vain, Kingdom of - The Kingdom of Vain, this kingdom highly rich and very prosperous. Vain is balance supporting both good and evil in their streets the luxurious Aya Knight runs this once hidden Kingdom, It was found deep in a valley long abandoned and forgotten Aya found it and restored it with the feuds of Tristin now gaining her own Kingdom. Aya rules with a first of justice and equality. The Golden City of Vain.

White Rose Crown, The - The Crown of Taloran is the symbol for their Kingdom, the white rose their emblem as they crown is hefted upon the head of king and queen upon each one's rise to the throne of roses.

Waste Lands - The ruined lands held out before the Zul'Dar crater. This vast destroyed land holds dangers unknown to many, the ground seems to be rotten, the tree's alive, the water vile and poison. What creature normally wanders into the Waste never is seen again



Zul' Dar, Kingdom of - The Dark imperial palace of Na'ar. Hidden deep in a crater and beyond the Waste and set deep in front of mountains Zul'Dar seems well protected. Though no one may enter people may return out from it such as Na'ar and his Death Knights, few heroes may venture far in towards the kingdom of Zul'Dar but turn back from legend and fear of what lays deeper in the Waste.

   The Amaraya Glossary is set at this rate of what has happened and a bit now of the Second Age of Coming in Amaraya. This is the new age and thus upon the next and all important events that will be added to Amaraya will be added upon the Glossary Page. Please return back so that you may fulfill a well coming into this land and be familiar with what is and what is not. In the World of Amaraya...